Ultimate Reality:  This dark comedy was awarded Third Place in the Drama/Comedy category at The Indie Gathering International Film Festival in 2011. Starring Joe Giacobello, Barbara Winters, Stacy Bartlebaugh-Gmys, Randall Miyan, David Dietz, and many more.  Written/directed by Joe Giacobello. This promises to be a fun, thought-provoking movie you won't soon forget!

Doing Therapy:  An award-winning romantic comedy. Starring Joe Giacobello and Barbara Winters.  Written by Joe Giacobello.  Won Best Romantic Comedy at The Indie Gathering International Film Festival in 2006.  Official Selection at the Delray Beach Film Festival in 2006.

Mr. G.:  An oddball sitcom with a dark side.  Written/directed by Joe Giacobello, this television sitcom was filmed live at, and aired on, Pittsburgh's community-access cable TV station (PCTV) in 1998.

Shooting Sara:   In pre-production now. In this gripping indie drama, a hard-core serial killer meets up with a female who actually wants to die.

Joe Giacobello of Bello Productions

Ultimate Reality

Crazy in Burghsville:  An online sitcom starring Joe Giacobello and Barbara Winters.  A struggling obituary writer and his wacky, free-spirited wife do whatever they can to make ends meet in this hilarious comedy set in modern-day Pittsburgh.


Ultimate Reality

Joe Morris dreamed of producing the ultimate reality contest -- one that would push people to their absolute limits. His creation -- a game called Isolation -- involves placing contestants in an empty room where they sit, alone, and do nothing. When a major TV network decides to give his idea a chance, the most controversial television show in America hits the airwaves, and captures the attention of a worldwide audience.

The idea is simple. Ten ordinary people are locked away, each alone in a room, and the one who can last the longest comes away with a ten million dollar prize. The contestants, including a yoga instructor, an animal rights activist, and even an ordinary housewife from Pittsburgh, are locked into their cells with nothing more than the clothing on their backs. With no television, books or music to keep them distracted, they embark on a long, tedious struggle for mental survival. During their quiet, mind-numbing journey, their mental and physical health deteriorates, and soon the camera on the wall becomes the only "friend" that they can talk to. A huge success, the show becomes a worldwide sensation, but eventually becomes the target of human interest groups worldwide. Three years later and with two contestants remaining, the network fights to keep the show alive. Despite his new-found success, Joe finds himself alone and soon discovers that the only person with whom he feels a true connection is completely out of reach. Or is she?

In a society of endless distractions including cell phones, instant messaging and video games, Ultimate Reality asks the ultimate question -- how long could you survive in complete and total isolation?

Doing Therapy

An insanely funny romantic comedy about a high-class Hollywood actress and a no-class Pittsburgh shrink, stuck in therapy together and driving each other absolutely crazy.

"Hysterical from start to finish. It’s East Coast meets West Coast, slob versus snob, and that irresistible force that pulls two opposites together. Giacobello has created something truly unique, and oddly moving..."
Tom Interval, Pittsburgh Writer/Actor

"Doing Therapy" is a lighthearted romantic comedy set in modern-day Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Humorous, silly, and even suspenseful at times, it is a heartwarming tale with the sincerity and simplicity of a black-and-white 1950s melodrama.

In the middle of a highly successful film career, Diane Rischard, a famous Hollywood actress, suddenly develops a problem while onstage. She is stricken with frightful, paralyzing panic attacks that begin to affect her job and her personal life.

In an effort to help her, her family seeks out the best anxiety specialist in the country—an offbeat psychologist (Joe Giacobello) working out of a clinic in Pittsburgh.

To avoid the media attention, Diane goes to Pittsburgh, and the unlikely couple is stuck together for an entire month in extensive 24-hour-a-day therapy. As they work together to figure out her problem, Diane reveals that she has been harboring a secret—a man has been stalking her.

The psychotic predator soon surfaces, once again posing a threat to her physical and mental well being. Through therapy, both patient and doctor learn a great deal about themselves and each other. Struggling with his own "ghosts" from the past, Joe fights his feelings for Diane.

Eventually, Diane puts her new skills to the test as she shoots a major scene for an upcoming movie. In an action-packed climax, the stalker appears on the set and attempts to kill her. In the end, both Joe and Diane must face their greatest fears, head-on, in a struggle for life, love, and sanity. Can they come to terms with their issues without driving each other completely insane?

Mr. G.

Possibly one of the funniest, most thought-provoking sitcoms ever to hit community access, Mr. G. was described by one fan as “...one wild and crazy ride with a dark side.”

Set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mr. G. follows the antics of an offbeat high-school teacher as he searches for the woman of his dreams in the “steel city”—a blue-collar town where football talks and “nice guys” walk!

Despite many crazy attempts, he just can't seem to find his ever-elusive soul mate. Throwing all predictability out the window, Mr. G. not only makes you laugh from start to finish, but the show keeps you guessing because there’s a surprise around every corner!